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STENFLEX® – well-known for providing ideal products for water-based applications

STENFLEX® supplies the global shipbuilding industry as well as its ancillary industries and ship chandlers with products that have to meet the strict regulations and standards of internationally established and accepted classification bodies. The products' fields of application range from shipping right through to applications in offshore structures such as drilling rigs, production platforms and pipelines.

Advantages of STENFLEX®:

Certified sector specialist with all national and international product approvals and type approvals

With STENFLEX®, you can rely on a globally established sector specialist with all of the major national and international product approvals and type approvals for the maritime industry.

Certified quality: STENFLEX® type AS and RS expansion joints have been approved in accordance with "Marine Equipment Directive" (Commission Directive [EU] 2015/559) in line with the requirements of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), which marks components with the MED "wheel mark" with regards to all requirements concerning design, production and testing.

Global original equipment manufacturer of rubber and steel expansion joints

STENFLEX® products have proven their worth in the global market for over 50 years now. In the shipbuilding industry and in its ancillary industries as well as in the case of ship chandlers, our rubber and steel expansion joints have been granted the standard type approvals and therefore fulfill the regulations of ship classification societies such as the American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, Det Norske Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, Registro Italiano Navale, China Classification Society, Korean Register of Shipping and Nippon Kaiji Kyōkai.

Tested resistance to fire in accordance with EN ISO 15540/41

Classification and building regulations of ship classification societies set high standards and require special tests to be performed on expansion joints – particularly those to be used in engine rooms. AS and RS expansion joints – which are used in these applications – have undergone and passed fire resistance tests in accordance with EN ISO 15540/41 and therefore comply with the regulations of the IACS (International association of classification societies). As part of this flame-resistance testing, the expansion joints are exposed to a temperature of 800°C with an internal pressure of 10 bar for a period of 30 minutes. The fire resistance of the expansion joint represents the duration during which the expansion joint must continue to function correctly in the event of a fire. Following flame impingement of the expansion joint, the joint must withstand a burst pressure test of at least 15 bar.


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Optimised sealing procedure for rubber expansion joints for easy installation and high operational reliability

Precisely compressed without any deformation: Our optimised sealing procedure for rubber expansion joints signifies easy installation and high operational reliability for maritime applications in particular. Frequently occurring installation errors caused by excessive screw tightening torques (around 90% of application problems can be traced back to sealing problems) are tolerated without the function being affected. If the permissible tightening torque is exceeded, a precisely defined compression is always achieved in the seal surface area. Screws can be tightened to their respective limits until the flanges are fully tightened. The special sealing procedure makes it possible to reduce installation times by up to 40%.

Extremely reliable in applications and maintenance-free: The gap-free tightening of the flanges results in a metallic seal that prevents and effectively seals off the uncontrolled escape of any leakage current. The metallic enclosure of the sealing surface also prevents direct and unprotected exposure to flames in the event of a fire. External flames cannot reach the sealing surface, which means that downtimes are also significantly improved in the event of extreme fire exposure. SOLAS requirements and fire protection regulations are thereby completely fulfilled without the need for any additional accessories, such as a splash guard.

High level of resistance to corrosion thanks to use of high-quality materials and components

Well-established high levels of quality: Applications such as those in the maritime industry require component designs that are suitable for the respective materials and can withstand stress – particularly in terms of resistance to corrosion. It is for this reason that STENFLEX® flanges are of an extremely high quality – they are only purchased with an acceptance test certificate in accordance with EN 10204 and feature outstanding standard corrosion protection. Flanges are galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2081 or hot-dip galvanised in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. Any special coatings requested can also be applied in accordance with customer specifications.

Customer-specific special designs
with regard to materials, flange hole patterns and corrosion protection are possible. Different flange hole patterns can quickly and easily be combined for tensioned and untensioned expansion joints.

High delivery performance and supply reliability

Better to be on the safe side: With continuously high stocks of individual components and raw materials, STENFLEX® guarantees that it will always be able to reliably supply its products around the world – as well as provide the over-average delivery performance associated with this in terms of maintaining high levels of quality, adhering to deadlines and supplying the respective quantities requested.

Direct sales in more than 80 countries around the world

STENFLEX® has a strong, international consultation and service network. Our expansion joints are supplied to more than 80 countries around the world via direct sales as well as sales partners and branch offices.

Finished-products warehouse with 20,000 standard components on demand

In our finished-parts warehouse, around 20,000 standard components are always available to customers on demand. As a result, short delivery times and supply reliability are guaranteed as a long-term, continuous assurance for customers that set particularly high requirements in terms of delivery accuracy and reliability – e.g. for a just-in-time delivery.

Tried-and-tested maritime application fields at a glance:

  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Ship chandlers
  • Offshore structures such as drilling rigs, pipelines and wind parks


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