Products STENFLEX® pipe connections – from rubber to steel

A broad collection – an incredibly wide range of potential applications

Rubber and steel expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, hoses, pipe connectors and rubber-metal bearing elements – the comprehensive range of STENFLEX® products on offer can meet the needs of virtually any application imaginable.

Rubber expansion joints

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints are used to absorb movements and damp vibration and noise on industrial equipment, machinery and pumps, as well as in pipeline systems. They are as reliable as they are cost-effective to operate.

Steel expansion joints

STENFLEX® steel expansion joints are used as flexible pipe connections in mechanical engineering and the construction of industrial equipment and pipelines. They are characterised by high compressive strength and thermal endurance, tested vacuum stability and good chemical resistance.

PTFE expansion joints

STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints are particularly suitable for aggressive media. Virtually fire-proof, PTFE is universally resistant to nearly all chemicals and solvents.

Industrial hoses

STENFLEX® industrial hoses provide safe connections; for example in process engineering, offshore applications, mechanical engineering, building services engineering or materials handling. Flexible in almost any length, they can absorb significant lateral and angular motion. STENFLEX® can provide the right hose connection for every application.

Swivel joints

STENFLEX® swivel joints are suitable for liquid and gaseous media. Their ability to withstand extreme temperature and pressure means that they can be used as flexible pipe connection elements even under the most demanding operating conditions.

Pipe connectors

STENFLEX® pipe connectors are installed on pumps, control fittings, machinery and industrial equipment specifically to intercept undesirable sound transmission and absorb vibration occuring in pipelines.

Rubber-metal elements

STENFLEX® rubber-metal elements are used as absorbers on machinery, measuring instruments, motors, pumps and industrial equipment. They prevent the transmission of vibration and noise, thereby ensuring optimum insulation of structure-borne sound.


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