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High-performance and flexible in any length

Rubber or stainless steel – STENFLEX® industrial hoses are incredibly popular in numerous sectors thanks to consistently achieving a high level of quality up to this very day. The hoses are designed using computer technology and are optimised through experimental testing to create flexible pipe connections that are ready for installation and that will remain durable and reliable even under full load.

Strengths of STENFLEX® industrial hoses:

  • Vibration and noise damping as well as damping of vibration transmissions
  • Compensation of very significant movements across virtually any overall length
  • Compensation of pipe expansions
  • Correction of installation inaccuracies
  • Reduction of thermal and mechanical stress

Tried-and-tested application areas:

  • Process engineering
  • Off-shore applications
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Materials handling

Development / Design

STENFLEX® hoses are rated by state-of-the-art computing techniques and optimized under experimental conditions. Thus our customers benefit from:

  • a high level of operating safety with efficient products
  • easy to install units
  • robust products with a very long service life

Stainless steel convoluted hoses

Particular pressure resistance, high temperature resilience, well protected against outside influence.

Hose material:
Corrugated hose: 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571
Braid: 1.4301

Available nominal widths and pressure stages:
Nominal width: DN 6 – 250
Pressure stages: PN 10 – 220

Types of connection:

  • Flange (hinged flange or fixed flange)
  • threaded connections
  • quick-action couplings
  • combined connections
  • special connections
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