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STENFLEX®pipe connections – used around the world

For a number of decades now, STENFLEX® expansion joints have been used around the world in all main and secondary circuits of fossil fuel and nuclear power stations. They are ideal for use in the processing plants of the food industry, chemicals industry, the supply and production technology sector as well as in the energy technology industry where they are ideal for utilising renewable energies in wind turbines, for example.

Advantages of STENFLEX®:

Certified sector specialist with all national and international product approvals and suitability approvals

With STENFLEX®, you can rely on a globally established sector specialist with all of the major national and international product approvals and suitability approvals for the industrial building and plant construction sector.

Certified quality for nuclear plants: Our rubber and steel expansion joints primarily fulfill the requirements to attain internationally renowned suitability approval for quality assurance in accordance with KTA standard 1401 (Kerntechnischer Ausschuss – The Nuclear Safety Standards Commission). With this approval, German nuclear power station operators incorporated into the VGB-POWERTECH- working partnership – RWE, EON, Vattenfall and EnBW STENFLEX® – certify the qualification for system and product-related quality assurance with regard to the planning, production and servicing of flexible pipeline fittings.

Global original equipment manufacturer of rubber and steel expansion joints

STENFLEX® products have proven their worth in the global market for over 50 years now. As an original equipment manufacturer of rubber and steel expansion joints, we supply all industries such as fossil fuel and nuclear power stations and process plants as well as their ancillary industries such as pipeline constructors and systems suppliers of complete assemblies.

Skilled and in demand in turnkey projects around the world: STENFLEX® works together directly with general contractors, power station operators and engineering companies to implement turnkey projects as part of national and international industrial plant business operations and impresses as a reliable supplier with a technically sophisticated and extensive range of designs that can withstand stress and are ready for installation, as well as custom-made production and special solutions in the field of flexible pipeline fittings – with an incredibly wide range of material types and product sizes up to DN 3600.

One of the global market leaders thanks to complete operational reliability: STENFLEX® designs are used for reliably conveying coolant and other media within systems. Problem-free operation and absolutely safety in power stations make STENFLEX® one of today's global market leaders in this sector.

Well-known by authorities and ministers in the energy-generating plant construction industry

Government agencies and approval bodies as well as ministers for energy and the environment – who are responsible for ensuring compliance with legal requirements – have followed the internationally recognised test report for the TÜV suitability testing of rubber expansion joints for pipelines conveying pressure for 30 years now as part of the process involved in approving the use of STENFLEX® expansion joints in the energy-generating plant construction industry.

Special designs for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the energy technology industry

In the energy technology industry, maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness take priority together with high product and service quality. To guarantee this, we help you right from the planning stage with our STENFLEX® expertise with regard to potential areas to make savings and potential applications for tried-and-tested STENFLEX® pipeline expansion joint systems.

The fact that around 70% of the costs of an industrial system are already determined during the planning stage indicates that there is a potential to make considerable savings right at the beginning of a project by using the right products.


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Project management from A to Z

Before and during the commissioning of power stations as well as during operation, we perform supervision, revision and maintenance operations upon customer request to make sure that the respective station operates as required in terms of the STENFLEX® products supplied. Customers benefit from comprehensive project support and integrated quality management, as part of which we also perform special tests such as burst, pressure and leak tests as well as endurance, dynamic and seismic tests, and carry out inspection and approval procedures upon customer request – including in accordance with project-specific test plans. As a packaging and logistics service provider, we create additional solutions for the entire life cycle of a project – including in accordance with international requirements.

You can rely on us for:

Technical advice when it comes to selecting the right pipe connection (with installation and planning guidelines taken into consideration), dimensioning and calculating expansion joints to suit the application in question, ongoing product optimisation in line with the latest technological developments and applicable standards and requirements – and last but not least, innovations developed to meet the demands of the market.

Direct sales in more than 80 countries around the world

STENFLEX® has a strong, international consultation and service network. Our expansion joints are supplied to more than 80 countries around the world via direct sales as well as sales partners and branch offices.

Finished-products warehouse with 20,000 standard components on demand

In our finished-parts warehouse, around 20,000 standard components are always available to customers on demand. As a result, short delivery times and supply reliability are guaranteed as a long-term, continuous assurance for customers that set particularly high requirements in terms of delivery accuracy and reliability – e.g. for a just-in-time delivery.

Tried-and-tested application fields at a glance:

  • The energy technology sector: nuclear plants, conventional power plants and large-scale plant construction
  • Waste incineration
  • Dust-removal and filtering technology
  • Materials handling
  • Water supply and water treatment
  • The chemicals industry, petrochemicals and refineries
  • Metal construction, smelting works and steelworks
  • Paper, beverages and foodstuffs industries
  • Heat supply and district heating plants
  • The environmental technology sector and incineration plants
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