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Established in all sectors around the world

STENFLEX® products are now used in virtually all application fields around the world. Whether in building services engineering, industrial applications, plant technology or ship building – at sea, on land or in the air: STENFLEX® products ensure reliable operation and are suitable for the most demanding requirements such as low temperatures, very high temperatures and other extreme conditions thanks to their high level of quality.

Industrial Applications

STENFLEX® products can be used for a variety of applications in the industrial technology sector: whether in machine construction, motor production and industrial equipment manufacture, in control and drive systems or in the pharmaceuticals industry and food and beverage industry. Our products always offer a consistently high level of efficiency and operational reliability.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Suitable for all applications in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology as well as drinking water and wastewater technology, STENFLEX® also includes products in its range that have been specifically designed for large-scale buildings right up to multi-story buildings and extensive sites such as airports, train stations, production facilities and hospitals.

Industrial and Power Generation Equipment

For a number of decades now, STENFLEX® expansion joints have been used around the world in all main and secondary circuits of fossil fuel and nuclear power stations. They are ideal for use in the processing plants of the food industry, chemicals industry, the supply and production technology sector as well as in the energy technology industry where they are ideal for utilising renewable energies in wind turbines, for example.

Shipbuilding, Propulsion and Marine Technology

STENFLEX® supplies the global shipbuilding industry as well as its ancillary industries and ship chandlers with products that have to meet the strict regulations and standards of internationally established and accepted classification bodies. The products' fields of application range from shipping right through to applications in offshore structures such as drilling rigs, production platforms and pipelines.


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Industry-specific applications for STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints

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Industry-specific applications for STENFLEX® steel expansion joints

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