Products PTFE expansion joints

Universally resistant and in keeping with the very latest developments

STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints are manufactured from high-quality materials and are specifically adapted to current market requirements through ongoing further development operations and the development of new components. The outstanding property of these expansion joints is their resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents – a characteristic that has been proven in practical applications over a number of years.

Strengths of STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints:

  • High degree of reliability
  • Long service life
  • Maximum resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Electrically insulating
  • Proven in practice

What STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints offer in use:

  • Motion compensation
  • Compensation for expansion caused by differences in temperature
  • Tension reduction
  • Damping of oscillation, noise and vibration transmissions
  • Compensation of installation inaccuracies

Where STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints are used:

  • The chemicals industry
  • The pharmaceuticals industry
  • The food and beverage industry
  • Waste disposal and treatment companies
  • Explosion-protected areas

White and black PTFE bellows

PTFE bellows are available in two types of material:

  • Bellows made from white PTFE

  • Bellows made from black PTFE

White PTFE bellows do not have any electrical conductivity properties and can therefore be used as an insulation component. Black PTFE bellows are electrically conductive due to the addition of soot.

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Universal PTFE expansion joints

Bellows with connection parts (rotable flanges)

Movement absorption:
The absorption of axial, lateral, angular and simultaneous movement is possible. Universal expansion joints with two bellows and a connecting pipe are used to absorb large movement.

Fixed points:
Robust pipe fixed points and correct pipe-routing are essential when axial force must be absorbed.

Lateral PTFE expansion joints

Bellows with flanges and laterally moving restraints

Movement absorption:
Lateral shift of the expansion joint is possible. The restraint absorbs axial reaction force and relieves pressure on the pipe’s fixed points. Lateral expansion joints with two bellows and a connecting pipe are used to absorb large movement.

Fixed points:
Only light fixed points are needed to absorb lateral moving and friction force.

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