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STENFLEX® variety that connects everything

STENFLEX® pipe connections are suitable for virtually any application in the industrial technology sector. The connections can be used for a variety of applications such as in machine construction, motor production and industrial equipment manufacture, in control and drive systems as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry and food and beverage industry. Our products always offer a consistently high level of efficiency and operational reliability.

Advantages of STENFLEX®

Certified sector specialist with all national and international product approvals and type approvals

With STENFLEX®, you can rely on a globally established sector specialist with all of the major national and international product approvals and type approvals for the industrial technology sector. STENFLEX® expansion joints primarily fulfill European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU with regard to all requirements concerning the design, production and testing of components.

Global original equipment manufacturer of rubber and steel expansion joints

STENFLEX® products have proven their worth in the global market for over 50 years now. As an original equipment manufacturer of rubber and steel expansion joints, we supply all sectors, such as the machine construction, motor production and industrial equipment manufacture industries, whilst always taking into account all applicable standards such as the DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS, VG and SAE standards.

Tested resistance to extreme heat and fire

STENFLEX® AS and RS expansion joints are often used for industrial applications in incredibly heat-intensive environments and are therefore tested for fire resistance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15540/41. As part of this flame-resistance testing, the expansion joints are exposed to a temperature of 800°C with an internal pressure of 10 bar for a period of 30 minutes and must continue to function correctly during this time. Following flame impingement of the expansion joint, the joint must withstand a burst pressure test of at least 15 bar.

Endurance tests successfully completed

Among other tests, STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints must regularly undergo and satisfy hydraulic pressure impulse tests with a wide range of frequencies based on EN ISO 6803 as well as successfully overcome endurance tests with 10 million lateral load changes in accordance with the DNV GL rules, standards and guidelines.

The most flexible range of potential applications – particularly in hydraulic control and drive systems

STENFLEX® offers outstanding product quality in the field of flexible pipe connections around the world. Thanks to their special NBR lining, which is suitable for oil and oil-containing media as well as compressed air and coolant with added antifreeze protection, our STENFLEX® expansion joints can easily be used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as control and drive systems.


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Extreme resistance to aggressive media

STENFLEX® offers solutions for any extreme application. Special expansion joints with EPDM linings are especially ideal for industrial applications involving acids and bases. For applications in which particularly aggressive media are used and EPDM is no longer suitable, STENFLEX® offers specially developed expansion joints made from PTFE; these have universal chemical resistance to almost all chemicals and solvents. Its bellows are moulded from highly compressed virgin PTFE or are lined as rubber expansion joints with a seamless PTFE liner and self-sealing flange ends. These expansion joints are used most frequently in the chemicals industry, the process engineering sector, the pharmaceuticals industry and the food and beverage industry, for example.

High level of cost-effectiveness and trouble-free operation thanks to reliable and safe operating materials

Reliable and durable: Industrial applications, such as mechanical engineering, require component designs that are suitable for the respective materials and can withstand stress, as the most economical approach is to use components that run without any faults. An important prerequisite for this is reliable and safe operating materials. In the long term, these types of materials reduce standstill times and operative costs as well as increase plant productivity. It is for this reason that STENFLEX® provides reliable operating materials for the industrial technology sector that fulfil the highest requirements in terms of operational reliability and service life for a range of applications.

Perfectly designed flow geometry: With STENFLEX® , industrial applications benefit from the optimised flow geometry of STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints. This is achieved by guaranteeing the laminar flow conditions while the inner diameters of the bellows are in line with the flange connection dimensions in accordance with DIN ISO 4200. The internal diameter of the expansion joint therefore corresponds to the internal diameter of the pipeline connected, whereby the flow cross-section is not negatively affected. STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints are designed to aid flow and feature minor transitions from the pipeline to the bellows shaft of the expansion joint to create laminar flow conditions. As a result of this, abrasion while transporting media with solid content (dispersion) as well as pressure losses, turbulence and flow-generated noises in the pipeline system are avoided.

Problem-free use in an aqueous environment

STENFLEX® expansion joints can be used for an incredibly wide range of applications – especially in aqueous environments too. The surfaces of the NBR bellows are coated with a CR (chloroprene rubber) top layer. This means that the bellows are not hygroscopic (water-repellent) and therefore protect the reinforcement carriers within the composite from moisture absorption. The surfaces of the EPDM and butyl bellows are automatically not hygroscopic due to their elastomer properties. From an abstract point of view, EPDM is suitable for a fully aqueous environment.

Customer-specific special solutions

STENFLEX® offers its customers more than just "off-the-shelf" solutions. On request, we are happy to make special solutions for customers with regard to materials, flange hole patterns and corrosion protection.

High delivery performance and supply reliability

Better to be on the safe side: With continuously high stocks of individual components and raw materials, STENFLEX® guarantees that it will always be able to reliably supply its products around the world – as well as provide the over-average delivery performance associated with this in terms of maintaining high levels of quality, adhering to deadlines and supplying the respective quantities requested.

Direct sales in more than 80 countries around the world

STENFLEX® has a strong, international consultation and service network. Our expansion joints are supplied to more than 80 countries around the world via direct sales as well as sales partners and branch offices.

Finished-products warehouse with 20,000 standard components on demand

In our finished-parts warehouse, around 20,000 standard components are always available to customers on demand. As a result, short delivery times and supply reliability are guaranteed as a long-term, continuous assurance for customers that set particularly high requirements in terms of delivery accuracy and reliability – e.g. for a just-in-time delivery.

Tried-and-tested industrial application fields at a glance:

  • Machine construction, motor production and industrial equipment manufacture as well as on turbines and compressors
  • Process engineering
  • The chemicals industry, petrochemicals and refineries
  • Metal construction, smelting works and steelworks
  • Gas and water supply as well as water treatment plants
  • Hydraulic systems and rolling mills
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