Products Rubber-metal pipe connectors

Optimally designed to dampen vibrations and intercept sound transmissions

STENFLEX® rubber-metal pipe connectors are installed specifically to intercept undesirable sound transmissions and dampen vibrations in pipelines. In particular, they are used in houses, hospitals and schools as these are places where noises caused by industrial equipment, pumps or burners can be very disruptive.

The quiet strength of rubber

STENFLEX® pipe connectors have a higher noise-absorption capability thanks to the rubber materials used. This is especially important in the constructional engineering of homes and schools.

Advantages of STENFLEX® rubber-metal pipe connectors

  • Interception of sound transmissions and noise-damping properties
  • Damping of vibrations

Where STENFLEX® rubber-metal pipe connectors are used:

  • On industrial equipment
  • On motors
  • On machines
  • On pumps
  • On compressors

Established sectors for STENFLEX® rubber-metal pipe connectors:

  • Building services engineering
  • Heating engineering
  • Water supply and water treatment

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Rubber-metal pipe connector

Rubber body with fully embedded steel flanges

Damping, movement compensation:
Rubber-metal pipe connectors dampen noise and vibration caused by appli-
ances, motors or pumps. Movement cannot be absorbed by these rubber-
metal pipe connectors.

Fixed points:
Robust pipe fixed points and correct pipeline routing are necessary to absorb the axial forces.

The make-up of STENFLEX® rubber-metal pipe connectors

Rubber-metal pipe connectors are made up of a cylindrical elastomer body with smooth interior surfaces and fully vulcanised steel flanges. The steel flanges are completely separated via metal so that outstanding sound and vibration damping is achieved through the intermediate elastomer body. In the seal area, the pipe connectors are equipped with an integrated sealing strip so that an additional seal does not need to be used.

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