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A STENFLEX® expansion joint is a flexible element for compensating for a wide range of movements in piping systems. In particular, it is used to offset thermal expansion, assembly inaccuracies and to reduce noise and vibrations in fittings, pumps and apparatus. 


STENFLEX® expansion joints comprise an elastic bellows and two connecting elements (e.g. flanges, welding ends or screw connections). Depending on the application, universal expansion joints, expansion joints with tie rods or with joint bracing are used. For special requirements, all STENFLEX® expansion joints can be equipped with inner conduits or an outer protective jacket.

Universal use

STENFLEX® expansion joints can be used everywhere in all industrial sectors. They are used, for example, in water treatment plants, on motors, pumps or emergency power generators as well as in air conditioning and heating systems. 

Technical advice

We offer you in-depth technical advice for a wide range of applications. Specific requirements of your system can be matched with the technical specifications of our expansion joints and we will find the optimal solution for you.

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Rubber expansion joints

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints are used to absorb movements and damp vibration and noise on industrial equipment, machinery and pumps, as well as in pipeline systems. They are as reliable as they are cost-effective to operate.

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Steel expansion joints

STENFLEX® steel expansion joints are used as flexible pipe connections in mechanical engineering and the construction of industrial equipment and pipelines. They are characterised by high compressive strength and thermal endurance, tested vacuum stability and good chemical resistance.

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PTFE expansion joints

STENFLEX® PTFE expansion joints are particularly suitable for aggressive media. Virtually fire-proof, PTFE is universally resistant to nearly all chemicals and solvents.

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