Water treatment

Flexible pipe connections: Annual check for your pipes in water treatment and process engineering.

Water is not just water!

The water treatment is the targeted change of the water quality. It is a branch of process engineering and essentially comprises two groups of treatment: removal of substances from the water, addition of substances and adjustment of water parameters. In order to treat the water, it usually passes through a large number of pipelines to be treated and finally to the area of use. In order to guarantee the existing quality of water treatment, flexible pipe connections are necessary to stabilize the pipelines. The flexible elements are used to compensate, for example, movements, temperature differences or to dampen noise and vibration transmission, as well as to compensate ground and foundation settlement.

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Tested quality

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints have received product approvals from various classification and certifying bodies and have undergone a multitude of national and international component and performance tests.

Tried-and-tested applications:

  • Water supply and treatment
  • Drinking and waste water technology
  • Waste incineration, dedusting and filter technology
  • Chemical industry, petrochemicals and refineries
  • Metal construction, smelters and steelworks
  • Building services engineering supply facilities
  • Paper, beverage and food industry

Rubber expansion joints

Standard solutions: Rubber expansion joints are available in sizes DN 20 to DN 3600 or on request.

Steel expansion joints

Standard solutions: Steel expansion joints are available in sizes DN 15 to DN 2800 or on request.

PTFE expansion joints

Standard solutions: PTFE expansion joints are available in sizes DN 25 to DN 500 or on request.


Certified quality management system in accordance with:


Certified for gas supply products


Certified for drinking water

EN ISO 9001:2015

Management service
Quality seal


Certified for drinking water


Certified for foods


Tested according to PED 97/23/EC

SEG 1935 / 2004


Food and Feed Code


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